Friday, March 15, 2013

Pet peeves and random thoughts...

How many of you have never actually tried one of my patterns?  Would you like more information about what they are like?  Or why I do things the way I do?  Read on...

I seriously have a pet peeve with patterns that are nothing more than a hat made almost entirely in double crochet, for a couple of reasons.  First of all, to ME, it looks "amateur" and too simple.  It honestly makes me think of the projects I made when I was learning to crochet at about 8 years old.  But the other reason is that you would usually end up with a seam in that kind of pattern and I hate seams on hats with a passion!!  You'll notice one thing about my hats is that they are generally seamless or the seam is hidden so well, you do not see it at all.  So you won't see any plain Jane double crochet hats with a big ugly seam from me.  :)

The other thing about my patterns is that I always try to include as many sizes as possible.  I do not sell sizes fact, I think that is a huge rip off when designers do that.  My patterns cost $4.95 each and average a total of 5 sizes (at least 4, and sometimes as many as 8!) so that means each size costs you a dollar on average.  WHY would you pay a designer full price for each separate size?  

Another thing about my patterns is that they are tested VERY thoroughly.  Does that mean that they will never have a mistake?  No, we are human so an error occasionally slips through, but when I find one, it does get corrected and sent out again.  I have multiple people test each size, in fact, as many as possible.  

As far as what you can do with my finished patterns, I encourage any and all sales of your finished items.  I encourage you NOT to support the designers who try to make you purchase a "cottage license" or only allow personal use of the finished item (unless that's what you were looking for).  Most customers are trying to make some money by selling their handmade items and you should support designers that support YOU.  I don't "require" that you link to me for the pattern when you sell your items online, but I love it when you do!  And when I stumble across those listings that link to me, I often write to them and offer them a free pattern.  I do the same thing with professional photos that are provided to me.  I give a free pattern but I also try to send business their way for the finished hats.  In my opinion we both gain from that.  Other crocheters might see their hat and come to me to buy the pattern, and I can send people looking for finished hats to them, to buy the hat.  (I don't sell finished hats, just patterns.)  

One other pet peeve of mine is seeing a listing for a pattern where the designer goes on and on about what you CAN'T do with the pattern, but doesn't actually tell you what you need to know about the pattern itself, like materials, skill level, etc.  If you check out my Etsy listings, you'll find everything you need to know before purchasing the pattern.  

Do you have any more questions about my work or what my patterns are like?  Let me know!  :)

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  1. I love your designs, they are so cute! I've yet to get one, but I do have a cousin that's going to have a baby soon, so I will before long!

    I really appreciate how upfront you are about your patterns. Although right now I don't personally knit or crochet items for sale, I tire of designers telling people what can't be done with the finished objects. I am of the camp (and I know this is highly debated) that the pattern itself, as written by the designer is protected, but not the finished objects. I've never seen a recipe say that I can't sell the cake that I make from the recipe, and patterns are a "recipe" of sorts.

    So, even if you don't quite view it the same as I do, I really appreciate your support of those that do sell their finished items.